Extreme Sports – The BMX and Motocross Pyramid Challenge, X-Games for The Insane

The future of extreme BMX and Motocross Pyramid Challenges considered. Over the course of my studies into human sports, extreme sports, and adrenal rushes I’ve come up with many potential scenarios for new extreme sporting death defying feats which would wow crowds, and cause a cheer of thunder throughout any pavilion or stadium. Man and machine versus the impossible dream jump is what I’m talking about.Now then, let me explain my latest scheme, one which will one day be performed and is sure to make headlines on ESPN, or draw in sponsors such as Red Bull to host. I’ve decided to call this the BMX or Free Style Motocross Challenge. Here is how it will work, but first let me help you visualize what I am talking about by jogging your memory a little bit. Do you remember seeing the motorcycle ramps which send the bike and rider straight up in the air.Generally these are used so the rider can do multiple back flips and then land on the other side of the same ramp going basically straight down. The ramps are set up like hyperbolic curves back to back, kind of like the stock market and economy prior to the global economic crash of 2008. Okay, you get the picture right? Well, now picture a pyramid scheme, four-sided with each side with hyperbolic curved ramps.Now picture many of these peaks with four sides, so as soon as the rider goes up one and comes back down he/she or “it” can choose another to take (“it” being an Artificially Intelligent motocross robotic android – don’t worry I’ll leave that for another article).Every other four-sided pyramid ramp will be diagonal at that base, so as the ride comes all the way back down to the flat, he’ll have to slightly turn at an angle to plot the correct trajectory to the next vertical launching point, in his/her/it aerial dance for the crowd. Are you beginning to see why this will become the ultimate in extreme sports, after all one screw up and you are done for, again to the roar of the crowds, and the next viral YouTube video, where the rider with all his/her broken bones can watch from their iPad 4G tablet in the hospital.Okay too dramatic for you? Too dangerous, yes, indeed, it is, but realize extreme sports of this type are not for the weak, we don’t have to do it, we can watch from the stands and our large screen 3D holographic living room entertainment centers. Please consider all this.

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