Pizza Buffets and Other Easy Ideas for Entertaining Groups of Kids

It is your night to host the neighborhood kids – what do you do? Most parents are faced with this very same scenario at least a few times a year. It can be a stressful situation when trying to plan activities for a whole group of children. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Next time you are left wondering what to do with an energetic group of children, give the following ideas a chance:Pizza BuffetsAlmost all children love pizza. And what better place to take a group of kids than a pizza buffet? Not only are pizza buffets an inexpensive way to feed a group of people, but most pizza restaurants are also child friendly. Often, pizza parlors will offer video games, television shows, kids rides, and other entertainment sources geared toward the younger crowd. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about ordering for each individual child while sitting and waiting for food to arrive. A help-yourself-buffet line is a necessity for feeding a group of kids. And when faced with over 15 different assortments and varieties of pizza, the children in your life will be quite pleased with your choice.Family Entertainment CentersFamily Entertainment Centers, often dubbed as an FEC, are cropping up in more cities each day, thanks to their popularity among both children and adults. These smaller-scale amusement centers are generally more affordable for families than the typical large amusement parks. Most FECs offer a wide assortment of kids rides, a large arcade, games, indoor rock-climbing, batting cages, and a number of other child-friendly entertainment options. Parents really enjoy the secure environment with most FECs offering on-site security. Good for a family night out, birthday parties, or hosting a whole group of children, it offers relief for parents and fun for kids.Outdoor ParksIf it is not raining, outdoor parks are fantastic venues for energetic groups of children. Often child-friendly by nature, most parks host wide open spaces for children to run and play and organize spontaneous games. Grab some pizza boxes or sandwich material, and you can let the kids play for hours. And the best part: most outdoor parks are completely free. Spending time outdoors in nature is the best kind of medicine for kids.Movie Night InThe old stand-by of a movie night works great for a larger group of kids. Make sure you rent a child-friendly movie before the kids arrive. Children often don’t need fancy furniture, so clear your living room floor and bring out some pillows and beanbag chairs, and you will be set. Consider purchasing some pizza or have a large assortment of snacks on hand. Movie night requires a small amount of preparation, but the effort is well worth the result of having a quiet group of kids as the movie plays. And the best part: you won’t have to do the entertaining yourself. Just make sure the kids’ rides show up when the movie concludes!

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